16oz/12oz sublimation beer soda glass can – Besin

Short Description:

Color  Clear/ Matte  
Product weight  243g
Product size  7*6*12cm
Package  50pcs one pack
Package size  39.5*39.5*36cm
Package weight  15kg
Packing  separate PP bag+bubble bag+ individual white box

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1) Classic soda can shape hugs your hand and your lip

A soda glass can needs to be versatile, but also adaptable to your needs and that’s what this product does. At just 243 grams, it’s very portable and that makes it versatile for most situations. It truly pushes the limits and it constantly brings in something creative and enjoyable. You will find yourself impressed with the ease of use and how easy it is to clean this product as well.

It hugs your hand and your lip

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2) Accessories:

The glass can also has a clear plastic straw and a bamboo lid. We use bamboo for our lid, because it helps retain the properties of your liquid, without affecting it in any way. On top of that, the plastic straw is clear, and you will be amazed with the value and benefits provided here. 

3) Lead-free glassware

We ensure that all our glassware is free of any lead or toxic substances. Instead, our focus is to only offer the best quality glassware that’s safe to use, and which can be constantly adapted and implemented in a way that offers you versatility and quality.

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Customized Service

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We know that everyone wants to fully customize their glass can and make it their own. That’s why this product is your blank canvas, all you need is the sublimation shrink wrap film, a head press machine and a heat blower, then you can fully customize your glass can fast and easy.

Our glass cans are all shipped securely and packaged properly to prevent any damage, and we always focus on bringing in the very best products after testing them again and again. You can buy the glass can as a gift for your friends or even for yourself. If you love great glass can or want one to fully customize as a gift, try it out today!

Product Show

Finding the right soda glass or beer glass can be very difficult, which is why we are here to assist with this unique sublimation beer soda glass can. This product is designed from the ground up to be clear/matte and ready for sublimation. You can fully customize it the way you want, it’s the black canvas that can help bring all those creative ideas to life in an exciting and innovative manner. 

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